Webinar: Flight Department Balance & “Management by Exception”

Webinar: Flight Department Balance & “Management by Exception”


Operating a complex Flight Department in today’s modern environment requires the knowledge of many disparate, “siloed” systems and processes for handling: flight requests, aircraft assignment, crew management, flight planning, trip planning/handling, post-flight reporting, and regulatory compliance. Directors of Aviation, Directors of Maintenance, Chief Pilots, Schedulers and Dispatchers, and all supporting roles across the Flight Department rely on operational practices and data systems (and often, far too much paper and sticky-note reminders) to provide them with up-to-date information that captures the status of their assets, and allows them to plan for Mission-Success. Advanced forecasting and planning is necessary to ensure that a Flight Department has the right-mix of organizational resources to be able to operate at maximum efficiency…but, the operations team also must frequently account for disruptive and rapid day-of-operations adjustments.

Flight Department managers and staff members frequently discuss the difficulty in achieving “Balance” in their operations – whether that is consistent utilization of aircraft between maintenance intervals, or the ability to load-balance staff and keep assignments “fair” – while managing a demanding schedule of needs. Today’s operators are seeking solutions that allow for a “management by exception” approach that can reduce the managerial-load and enable managers to spend their time more effectively in areas where it will have the most impact.

What the audience will learn:

  • How cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions can allow team members across the entire flight operation to share information easily and stay connected
  • How centralized, dynamic data management systems, can allow for aggregation of mission-critical information, and elimination of “information silos”
  • How modern and sophisticated Business Intelligence (BI) tools can allow for flexibility to create Reports and interactive Dashboards – giving operators the ability to sort through and analyze deep-data, and gain insight to operational efficiency
  • How task-based workflow management tools can be utilized, to reduce the need for operators to fulfill complicated flight and trip request requests through “memory” of infrequently-performed duties
  • How algorithm-based optimization capabilities can allow for intelligent decision-making and resource allocation under normal conditions – freeing operators from mundane and repetitive tasks
  • How operational statistics can be used to “balance” normal operating conditions, and detect statistically-relevant anomalies – only requiring operator intervention, by-exception, when an un-resolvable conflict is introduced into the system

Join AIN's News Editor, Chad Trautvetter as he moderates this webinar with Mike Alexander, Director, Product Management and Alex Baer, Product Manager at SD.