Safe and Efficient Single-pilot Operations

Safe and Efficient Single-pilot Operations

April 24, 2019
1:30pm Eastern

Technology and a shortage of pilots to fill the flight decks of tomorrow’s business jets and airliners is creating pressure to facilitate more single-pilot operations. Every avionics manufacturer is developing technology for safe single-pilot operations, but pilots have been flying alone safely in light aircraft through Part 23 jets for many years. 

In this free webinar, we’ll hear the perspective of an avionics manufacturer and from a highly experienced light jet pilot on what it takes for a single-pilot operation to be safe and efficient.

Join AIN Editor-in-Chief, Matt Thurber as he moderates the discussion with Tal Golan, Manager, Rotorcraft Business Development for Universal Avionics, and Charlie Precourt, former NASA astronaut, safety expert, and Citation owner. 

What you will learn:

  • Factors that are causing the flying landscape to shift towards more single-pilot operations.
  • What kind of automation & technology are avionics manufacturers developing for single-pilot operations?
  • What can we learn from experienced pilots flying in single-pilot operations?
  • The critical importance of standard operating procedures to enhance single-pilot safety.
  • How pilot training needs to improve to enhance single-pilot safety.