Prime Jet Integrates Mx Analysis, Surveillance with SMS

 - December 2, 2022, 10:15 AM
Prime Jet has access to more information on safety and maintenance issues by integrating its CASS with Wyvern's QSMS program. (Photo: Mark Wagner)

Aircraft charter-management provider Prime Jet has integrated its continuing analysis and surveillance system (CASS) with the Wyvern safety management system (SMS) software. CASS helps operators “monitor, analyze, and optimize the performance and effectiveness of their aircraft maintenance programs,” according to Wyvern.

Prime Jet’s FAA Flight Standards District Office has given “the nod” to the CASS-SMS integration, and the company is one of the first to have accomplished this. The company also became a Wyvern Wingman Pro operator as part of Wyvern’s Flight Leader Program.

By integrating Wyvern’s QSMS with CASS, Prime Jet gains the ability to share real-time aircraft disposition via an aircraft maintenance dashboard with any employee, including preflight minimum equipment list (MEL) and flight-risk assessment tool information; deliver maintenance discrepancy writeups as part of the post-flight briefing review and track and clear discrepancies; integrate MEL support, route surveillance, and associated findings into SMS processes; automate data collection, collation, and reporting for FAA requirements; and view detailed and customized reporting and trend analysis information.

"CASS and SMS are a natural fit because they both require processes to identify safety issues, apply corrective actions, and assure the corrections are effective,” said Wyvern CEO Sonnie Bates. “By integrating the two solutions, Wyvern improved Prime Jets' efficiency and effectiveness in identifying and managing risk in aircraft maintenance."