Volato Doubles Down on HondaJet with Latest Fleet Order

 - December 1, 2022, 1:00 PM
Volato CEO and co-founder Matt Liotta is literally doubling down on the HondaJet with an order for 25 Elite II versions that will bring the company's fleet of the Honda Aircraft-made twinjets to 40. (Photo: Volato)

Volato today announced an order for 25 HondaJet Elite IIs, which will more than double its fleet of the Honda Aircraft-manufactured twinjets to 40. The Elite II—which has added range, new cabin designs, ground spoilers, and a stabilized approach feature—was certified by the FAA last month. Deliveries of the aircraft to Atlanta-based fractional aircraft provider Volato will begin next year. 

“We believe in the vision and future of Honda Aircraft as they continue to optimize the private jet experience with the HondaJet,” said Volato CEO and co-founder Matt Liotta. “Every business decision  we make aims to deliver the best experience for our customers.” According to Liotta, this even extends to working directly with Honda Aircraft to optimize the features and functionality of the galley.

Volato operates nationally with a floating fleet, and has bases in Atlanta; St. Augustine and Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Baltimore, Maryland; Houston; and Carlsbad, California. It also recently announced a fleet order for super-midsize Gulfstream G280s.