Piper Gets Nods for M600/SLS Unpaved Airfield Ops

 - November 4, 2022, 11:24 AM

Piper Aircraft received FAA, Transport Canada, UK CAA, and EASA approval of a kit that permits certain M600/SLS turboprop singles to be operated from unpaved fields, the Vero Beach, Florida-based aircraft manufacturer announced today. Brazilian certification is expected to follow early next year.

All 2022 M600/SLSs, starting with serial number 198, are factory provisioned to operate on unpaved fields with incorporation of a supplement in the pilot’s operating handbook (POH). M600s manufactured between 2016 and 2021 equipped with five-blade propellers also have the option to be modified via an available kit allowing the same unpaved field operations. This kit includes a slightly redesigned nose fork and scissor link, nose gear wheel well plate cutout, and a pilot's operating handbook supplement.

“The Piper M600/SLS is known for its performance, reliability, and versatility over a wide array of general aviation missions,” said Piper president and CEO John Calcagno. “Now, with the addition of unpaved field capability, the M600’s versatility and asset value is taken to a whole new level.”

Piper Aircraft is running an introductory promotion for all M600 unpaved field kits ordered before November 30.